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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

What is Medical Weight Loss at Complete Medical Weight Loss & Anti Aging

We are a medically supervised weight loss clinic. We are not a medical weight loss clinic overseen by a provider to operate or dispense holistic drops, claiming to be a medical program. Our prescriptions are from U.S.-based pharmacies that require good faith medical practices, diagnostic testing, practitioner review, approval, and monitoring.

Our medically supervised approach, in coordination with experienced health and fitness coaches, allows you to make well-informed decisions about your overall plan. By creating a foundational plan during weight loss, we work together to create a sustainable, long-term plan with you. Programs are tailored based on your goals at any level; it might be 4 weeks or 4 months. It might start out as weight loss, but it might actually be hormones, and the weight loss will come as a bi-product. Whatever your plan is, it is your plan. We are here to help ensure you do it safely and effectively, which is why our patients lose weight and keep it off.

We don’t provide hype, magical kits, packaged products, or make statements that weight loss does not require changing your lifestyle. We provide real weight loss and management through nutrition-based planning with the medication to support your plan, make changes if needed based on your progress, and provide individual monitoring and support between you, the doctor, and the support staff.

What to Expect

The first step is your medical weight-loss consultation. Our patient consultants each have well over 10, 20, and even 30 years of experience working in medical weight loss and hormone therapy. They will review your overall medical history and have an open conversation with you about what you struggle with, what your main concerns are, and what your personal goals are. We don’t care about what the scale says; we care about what you say. The information learned from your own self-assessment is used to determine what the best program is going to be to suit your individual challenges and goals.

Next will be lab work. The information obtained also allows us to determine the labs or further testing that would be required to address related illnesses or treatments to supplement your weight loss program that you wish to address. All of this is determined before you meet the doctor to ensure a comprehensive appointment with the doctor is established and evaluated before approving your program.

After your doctor’s appointment, your prescriptions will be authorized, and you will see your health coach, who will go over your specific program in depth, arrange ordering your medication, and set the schedule for your follow-up visits according to the program you elected.

We prescribe some of the following medical weight loss products to support your nutrition plan based on your individual needs and goals.
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